Let Me Tell You ‘Bout My Beeeeest Friend

Mere babes back in 2007.

Mere babes back in 2007.

Hopefully you read that title as being a drawn out, multi-syllabic rendering of “best” and not as pronounced like “beast.”

This week, one of my most favorite people on the face of the earth, Miss Katie Booker, has packed up all her things, left her wildly successful job and will move 3,000 miles across the country back home to California. I am equal parts happy for her and sad for me. This occasion seems like a monumental opportunity to wax poetic publicly about how much I love her and how better my life is by having her in it. I am lucky enough that there are several people I can say this about, but….none of them are moving this week.

I’ll always remember Bid Day 2005 when we all nervously milled around at Theta, trying to meet each other and not say anything stupid. Somehow it turned out that Katie and I were the only two living on South Campus and I became her official chauffeur of the new member ed process. Those 10-minute rides to and from the house forged our friendship for everything that followed: adventures, fun nights out, becoming real adults and dealing with sadness and disappointment. We went from being within spitting distance of each other in our tiny bedroom at the house, to a 30 minute train ride from NJ to NYC, to a 4 hour bus ride from Boston to NYC. We’ve always made it work and don’t let more than a couple months pass between seeing each other. Now it’s a cross-country flight, but I’m happy to have someone to visit in San Francisco.  Continue reading


When Your Little Brother Graduates From College, You Will Feel Old

What about these strange hats conveys academic achievements?

Graduations are weird. The pomp, the circumstance, the ridiculous get-ups, the trite advice. I’ve had three of my own (eighth grade, high school, college), attended the same for my brothers, and covered a few for my old newspaper. I get why people find them exciting, but at the same time, I find them a bit over-inflated.

So that’s why I didn’t feel bad about skipping my own graduation for my master’s from Emerson College. Sure, I toiled over school work for five semesters and learned a discipline previously wholly unfamiliar to me. Balancing academics, internships and a job wasn’t easy and I’d be within my rights to feel proud of myself. But I don’t. Right now, I just feel under-employed.  Continue reading

Bachelor’s Degree in Life?

Mom, dad and me at my very favorite spot in college over graduation weekend. Fortunately, I no longer look like I recently devoured an entire person.

A couple summers ago, I needed a beach book for a week of staycation and was shamelessly drawn to the Tiffany blue cover of Commencement. It followed four friends through their years at Smith and the four years after they graduated. The title actually referred to the end of that second time period as each realized those first awkward four years of adulthood were the real-life education that college didn’t provide. May 13, 2011 marks that second commencement for me and I have undoubtedly very much changed since this day in 2007. Continue reading


So I’m a month late, but I came across this hilarious little ditty on my friend’s Facebook profile today. This is akin to being at work during the NCAA Tournament – a big, fuzzy orange guy and his tall, athletic friends constantly badgering you for your attention.