Katy Perry can call herself a ‘gurl’ but she’ll never be a lady

Really?All summer, it feels as though my ears have been under constant attack from a barrage of crappy pop music. Public enemy No. 1: the Reddi-Whip brassiered woman at the left. In a rather short time on the beach today, Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” played on the radio more times than I cared to listen to. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a pretty catchy tune and certainly many quality remixes must exist that I probably wouldn’t mind dancing to. However, when it’s been stuck in your head for days (DAYS!), the lyrics become a little unnerving. Continue reading


Ohhhh CookieCookieCookie Starts With C

How I’m getting through the afternoon:

You know how there’s a point in the day when you just need to do something completely mindless to get your focus back? Yeah, that just happened and it involved Cookie Monster, with whom I’ve been rediscovering lately thanks to Sesame Street’s Twitter account.

They tweet remarks from the whole gang but Cookie’s are by far my favorite. Some of his greatest pearls of wisdom:

Me tried fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free cookie today. Or, as me like to call it: crime against humanity.

What it feel like when me eat cookie? It like a party in me mouth and everyone invited.

And Wikipedia is rife with fun facts about my boy Cookie, like his name, before he discovered his favorite treat and was rechristened the Cookie Monster, was Sid.

OK, back to work.