#thanksobama (no, but really)

Two little babes at the 2004 DNC in Boston.

Two little babes at the 2004 DNC in Boston.

Dusting off the old blog in the event we’re all blasted into oblivion soon… I’ll never forget July 27, 2004. After toiling away as a fundraiser (and sending me into the finance office for two unpaid summer internships), my father was a delegate to John Kerry’s DNC in Boston and we made a family vacation out of it. It was a pretty momentous trip by several accounts – it would be the last family vacation we ever took as a 5-some and it was what put an inkling in my mind that I might want to live somewhere other than New Jersey one day. Establishment mainstays filled most of the speaking spots, but on that night, the convention keynote address would be delivered by a relative nobody: a state legislator from Illinois running for U.S. senate.  Continue reading


Pretend Catholicism: Birth Control and Meatless Fridays

What's most funny about this to me is that I actually hope the stork is how my children get delivered. Until that time comes, I'll be swatting him with my umbrella.

Today, I took my car for servicing and had grandiose plans of writing cover letters and doing homework while I waited. Alas, Trend Motors’ wifi was malfunctioning and derailed my productive morning. Left to the magazines in the waiting area, I read with great interest Andrew Sullivan’s piece on the birth control debate in Newsweek. His work confirmed what I had already believed about making contraceptives available (that we should do it), but it was pretty illuminating in terms of how Catholicism is really practiced every day (in that it’s not at all).

After 14 years of Catholic school, I had a fairly skewed worldview – not that I was brainwashed, but just that I assumed almost everyone was Catholic and that they were pretty normal. Most families I grew up with were pretty tempered in their faith, like my own. We went to church a fair amount and hit most of the holidays, but weren’t strict papists by any means. I had always thought Catholics were much more normal than many other Christian denominations; we show up for an hour once every few weeks and go home. (I’m completely side-stepping any sex scandals here.) Continue reading