When Your Little Brother Graduates From College, You Will Feel Old

What about these strange hats conveys academic achievements?

Graduations are weird. The pomp, the circumstance, the ridiculous get-ups, the trite advice. I’ve had three of my own (eighth grade, high school, college), attended the same for my brothers, and covered a few for my old newspaper. I get why people find them exciting, but at the same time, I find them a bit over-inflated.

So that’s why I didn’t feel bad about skipping my own graduation for my master’s from Emerson College. Sure, I toiled over school work for five semesters and learned a discipline previously wholly unfamiliar to me. Balancing academics, internships and a job wasn’t easy and I’d be within my rights to feel proud of myself. But I don’t. Right now, I just feel under-employed.  Continue reading


Sea Glass and Other Metaphors

Some of my personal collection

In 1998, my eighth-grade classmates deemed me “Most Creative” in our yearbook superlatives. To a 13-year-old, this held little meaning. I had never really thought about it until this summer when I took a creative thinking class as an elective in my graduate Integrated Marketing Communication program.

While a few assignments brought me back to my sorority crafting days (which my little will tell you were not very successful), I learned a great deal about the creative side of marketing and where I might fit in within the industry. Continue reading

Ahoy, Ice Cream Lovers!

Best line in a job posting: "Must be able to past a drug test (without studying!)"

In four months, I embark on an adventure. I’ll quit my job, pack up my stuff and move to Boston to enroll in Emerson College’s Integrated Marketing Communication graduate program.  I’m pretty pumped. However, I don’t know if this has to do with just returning from a vacation or what, but with the only thing between me and my New England adventure being a Jersey Shore summer, I’m starting to itch. I haven’t had a real summer since 2007. OK, that’s not that long ago, but still. The idea of the next four months spent in a windowless office quite frankly makes me claustrophobic. Continue reading