13 Things for 2013

In theory...

In theory…

Yes, yes, we all know – resolutions are overdone and never followed through. I use Jan. 1 as an excuse to implement a few good habits and usually have all but forgotten them by Groundhog Day. I’m hoping that by publicly issuing them I’ll hold myself responsible.

Thirteen “resolutions” seems pretty heavy so I want to think of them more as personal improvements. Maybe that’s less daunting. I’m also hoping that by creating reasonable timelines for each one, I’ll be more motivated to actually complete them. Some require a marked starting point and I’m pretty bad at knowing where I begin and then can’t track progress. I should probably spend the first week of 2013 taking inventory, so to speak. The usual suspects for resolutions for me: practice better posture, eat less salt, take better care of my skin. I’ve probably made these same promises for six years running and I still slouch, only have normal blood pressure by the grace of God, and more than occasionally go to bed with makeup still on. Clearly, these aren’t working out, but I’ve never really made them public before. Perhaps 2013 is the lucky year I finally stick with a program. Continue reading


Scary Beautiful…or, you know, just plain scary

Probably not the best attitude to have about invention and design, but this pretty much proves that just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I get the whole “fashion is art that you wear” thing (and I really only get that from watching The Devil Wears Prada a thousand times), but for Pete’s sake, it shouldn’t look like some sort of torture apparatus. Seriously, this chick staggers around like a newborn giraffe.

Is the world any better for having these “shoes” in it? Not really – but I had an excuse to rant, which I always appreciate.