Beer + Cupcakes = What could be better?

Beer-soaked blackberries inside the cupcakes

Previously, my baking career had solely consisted of breaking apart break and bake cookie dough, putting it on a sheet and throwing it in the oven. Enter Pinterest.

Pinterest has been blowing up lately and you have to request an invitation before they let you play. I finally got my request approved in December and craftiness in our apartment has increased threefold. Since all of us have gained Pinterest access, we’ve baked Nutella cookies, red velvet cheesecake brownies, peanut butter cup-stuffed cupcakes and pepperoni bread, made reinbeer, stuffed raspberries with chocolate chips and fried pickle chips. Continue reading


Things That Are Surprising: Occasionally, I Can Prepare Food

The only thing lacking here is the beach.

I’m not sure when I developed this deep love for guacamole*, but it appears to be here to stay. Before I realized how easy it was to make, it was just an every-now-and-then treat. Thanks to my local Stop & Shop’s never-ending supply of Concord Food’s guacamole mix , chips and guac has become a staple in our humble (if mouse-infested – another story for another time) abode. My dear friends at Concord make tasty guac so simple – mash up two avocados, stir in some mix and you’ve got a snack. Continue reading

It’s almost here!

As I drove home from a dreary Monday at work, all sorts of grouchy because it was my first day back after my lovely Caribbean vacation, a sheer-joy-inducing banner greeted me as I turned onto my street. Yes, my friends, Colonial Bakery, most delicious place on Earth, will start baking crumb cake, Turtle cookies, Key lime pie tarts and the greatest doughnuts known to man on May 15. It’s  got to be the tastiest prelude to summer I know.

Now I need to take a ride by the Seaside Park Surf Taco and see when they open. My life has been lacking aloha wraps and salsa for far too long. There’s definitely gonna have to be some extra gym time to compensate for all this seasonal deliciousness.