When Life Crumbles Your Cookie

I have failed you, green besprinkled friends.

I have failed you, green besprinkled friends.

We all know what to do you when life hands you lemons, just as we all know about cookies and the way they sometimes crumble. On my way back to Boston after a nomadic Memorial Day Weekend, I had in my bag some rather precious cargo – two Ninja Turtle cookies from the greatest business establishment known to man, Colonial Bakery. A series of unfavorable circumstances (crazy early flight, lots of rushing, bag packed with a laptop and other stuff) convened to put me awkwardly juggling bags, shoes, jackets and my boarding pass through security. In the hubbub, my cookies crumbled to the fine pulp at your left. (Don’t worry, I was going to be nice and share with the RyGuy.)

I trudged straight to work upon landing and plopped the cookie dust on my desk, sneaking occasional chunks while pondering what to do with this travesty. I shared this picture on Facebook to garner sympathy for my grave misfortune. Condolences rolled in from my Shore friends and I wondered exactly how I would manage eating these.

Then, genius struck: ice cream topping! Two of my most favorite guys (Ben & Jerry – what, did you think I was going to say Mark & AJ?) have been blending baked goods into ice cream for years. Obviously, these two pulverized Michaelangelos were just waiting for the sundae treatment. I shared my stroke of fat kid genius on Facebook and collected a few “likes” of agreement. See, I always try my best to find the upside of a down situation (or else I surely would have cracked up years ago) and this pickle turned into a win-win-win-win (in Michael Scott parlance). Eventually. Continue reading


It’s almost here!

As I drove home from a dreary Monday at work, all sorts of grouchy because it was my first day back after my lovely Caribbean vacation, a sheer-joy-inducing banner greeted me as I turned onto my street. Yes, my friends, Colonial Bakery, most delicious place on Earth, will start baking crumb cake, Turtle cookies, Key lime pie tarts and the greatest doughnuts known to man on May 15. It’s  got to be the tastiest prelude to summer I know.

Now I need to take a ride by the Seaside Park Surf Taco and see when they open. My life has been lacking aloha wraps and salsa for far too long. There’s definitely gonna have to be some extra gym time to compensate for all this seasonal deliciousness.