Why Your Allergies Are Killing You

The lovely view from my waterfront backyard this morning:

No, this is not from the Gulf oil spill

Or the surface of Saturn

It’s the lagoon in my backyard, which normally looks like this:

Dear Mainland,

Kindly keep your pollen problem on your side of the bay. Dealing with this gross stuff during the workday is bad enough. I don’t want it to follow me home. Nearly three years of living on an island almost entirely devoid of trees and grass has been lovely for my seasonal allergies, which used to be horrible. I’d like it to stay that way.

Best, Jess


Ahoy, Ice Cream Lovers!

Best line in a job posting: "Must be able to past a drug test (without studying!)"

In four months, I embark on an adventure. I’ll quit my job, pack up my stuff and move to Boston to enroll in Emerson College’s Integrated Marketing Communication graduate program.  I’m pretty pumped. However, I don’t know if this has to do with just returning from a vacation or what, but with the only thing between me and my New England adventure being a Jersey Shore summer, I’m starting to itch. I haven’t had a real summer since 2007. OK, that’s not that long ago, but still. The idea of the next four months spent in a windowless office quite frankly makes me claustrophobic. Continue reading