Sea Glass and Other Metaphors

Some of my personal collection

In 1998, my eighth-grade classmates deemed me “Most Creative” in our yearbook superlatives. To a 13-year-old, this held little meaning. I had never really thought about it until this summer when I took a creative thinking class as an elective in my graduate Integrated Marketing Communication program.

While a few assignments brought me back to my sorority crafting days (which my little will tell you were not very successful), I learned a great deal about the creative side of marketing and where I might fit in within the industry. Continue reading


Take that, JBJ

I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I wrote that story right in the center of the page. And you can read it here. As my witty friend Liz so astutely noted on Twitter, my story is, ahem, above New Jersey’s second favorite son.

Erlinggreytea: @jess1219 is on top of Jon Bon Jovi. Live the dream, Jess, live the dream!

It’s almost here!

As I drove home from a dreary Monday at work, all sorts of grouchy because it was my first day back after my lovely Caribbean vacation, a sheer-joy-inducing banner greeted me as I turned onto my street. Yes, my friends, Colonial Bakery, most delicious place on Earth, will start baking crumb cake, Turtle cookies, Key lime pie tarts and the greatest doughnuts known to man on May 15. It’s  got to be the tastiest prelude to summer I know.

Now I need to take a ride by the Seaside Park Surf Taco and see when they open. My life has been lacking aloha wraps and salsa for far too long. There’s definitely gonna have to be some extra gym time to compensate for all this seasonal deliciousness.