Some People Don’t Get Technology


Team Sender all the way.

Every new wave of technological advancements created deeply confused people who couldn’t grasp the fundamentals of each new medium. Just as there were people talking back to their radios in the 1930s and people who thought television sets actually contained tiny people in the 1950s, some 2012 humans are just bewildered by the complicated workings of today’s technological tools and platforms.

To lament to all four readers of this blog, I compiled the following list during a break in class last week of various offenses to social media and telecommunication that happen too frequently. Some are valid and some represent me doing what I do best: acting like a crank.

1. People who just text the letter K. As the above iPhone screen demonstrates, they are simply the worst. For Pete’s sake, at least type “OK” and show us you have a quarter of a brain.

2. People who post all their Foursquare check-ins to Facebook. You may not use it, but Facebook developed its own location-based system. If you must, post those check-ins to the ‘book and keep your Foursquare check-ins there. Frankly, though, I really don’t care that you’re at the gym for the third time this week. Unless you’ve just become the mayor of Super Cool Fun Awesome Time Place, no one cares. Before I re-entered the Dark Ages, I disabled Facebook from all of my Foursquare activity so that I couldn’t inadvertently clutter my friends’ news feeds with my trips to the nail salon. In my fourth smartphone-less month, my Foursquare profile may as well have tumbleweeds blowing across it. And yet, people still steadily ask to be my friend on it, which brings me to…

3. People who want to be your friend on social networks you obviously no longer use. I still get friend requests on Foursquare, even though I haven’t check in anywhere since January. I tried out GetGlue for about a week, found it pretty boring and stopped using it, yet people still keep requesting me to find out what I’ve been watching. (Dance Moms and Mad Men and pretty much nothing else, if you must know.) My Pinterest use has certainly tapered off after I realized all the extra padding I was carrying around thanks to its calorie-laden recipes, yet I’ve amassed quite the following. While I’m much more active on Facebook and Twitter, my friend and follower counts there have held steady for months. And, speaking of Twitter…

4. People and companies who tweet links to their Facebook statuses. This drives me insane. Yes, if you’re a business, particularly a small one, you should absolutely have presences on both. But this just seems lazy. Chances are you have different crowds on each site so initiate different conversations.

And, finally, a total throwback…

5. People who quote another person in their AIM away message and include themselves “laughing” in it.

For example…

jessicanoel1219: remember when you thought the words to the song were “bake me a pie of love”??? it’s bring me a higher love, you fool!!

unfunnyontheirownfriendxoxo: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

This bugged me to no end during the AIM days (which, for the record, I miss). What does unfunnyontheirownfriendxoxo think their obnoxious chain of HA’s adds to the conversation? Nothing. It is absolutely crucial to my understanding of their conversation? Not really. How many of your AIM buddies had “xoxo” somewhere in their screen name? I’d say about 40 percent of mine. I used to love a good away message, but these kinds seemed narcissistic and self-serving. (Also for the record, I totally thought it was “Bake me a pie of love” until I was about 19. It just makes more sense, does it not?)


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