Emily Post, where are you?

So I read this Jezebel post about people not offering up subway seats to pregnant women with great interest this afternoon. The way people behave, interact and treat each other fascinates me. I’m usually fairly polite; I hold doors for people and let pedestrians cross at crosswalks. I smile a lot, say please and thank you and apologize for any unexpected physical contact, even if it wasn’t my fault. I’m not sure I’d give up a seat to a woman I wasn’t 100% was pregnant for fear of insulting her if she wasn’t.

But I digress. At the Shop-Rite last night, I was making my way to what should be the “10 Items or Fewer” (not less, but that’s another rant for another time) aisle, when a family with a cart loaded to the brim with crap zoomed in front of me. No problem, I started over to the next available aisle, squeezing myself between the display of various snacks and the end of the conveyor belt.

Out of nowhere, a rather portly middle-aged man bowls me over and wedges himself past me in this small space to beat me in line to the cash register. It was clear where I was heading, there was no other reason for me to be in that spot, he just wanted to check out faster. Really?!?! Are your peaches, blueberries, peanut M&Ms and giant Symphony bar going to go bad instantaneously if you don’t pay for them and leave right away? When I filed into line behind him, he just kind of looked at me and believe you me, I gave him the dirtiest look I have. He only apologized after it took him forever to swipe his Shop-Rite card.

Is this really the way we treat each other? As mere road blocks between us and our destination? I sure hope those fruits and chocolate items were the only known antidote to some rapidly-moving rare fatal disease, because I can’t really see any other purpose for physically pushing me out of the way to pay for them.


2 thoughts on “Emily Post, where are you?

  1. Possibly it has something to do with where you’re living… Josh goes into culture shock every time we visit New Jersey, I’m not even kidding…

  2. Ohh totally. The thing is though, I don’t think this would happen up north. There’s something about some facets of inland Ocean County that gives me the creeps. I can’t wait for September.

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